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What Is EpicATX

We are an Austin built Marketing Agency. We provide affordable Marketing solutions to companies and entrepreneurs around the world by working with a selective group of professional and amazing students. 

We help companies and people create their dreams by designing data-driven and industry-specific marketing solutions.

Meet The Crew

Ulrich Monthe

Co-Founder, Digital Manager

  • Tacos Expert 98%
  • Travel Enthusiast 70%
  • Passion Expert 95%

Marco Morales

Co-Founder, Graphic Designer

  • Gym Fanatic 80%
  • Super Hero Expert 70%
  • Dog Enthusiast 90%

Gerardo Reyes

Chief Editor

  • Local Craft Beer Enthusiast 80%
  • Veteran 100%
  • Appreciation For Music 90%

Brandon Quick

Account Manager

  • Music Festival Expert 90%
  • Wellness Enthusiast 85%
  • Style Advisor 95%

What We Accomplish As A Team

Timely Support

Innovative Ideas

Creative Framework

Result-Driven Chat

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We follow a predesigned and tested model to make sure we always arrive to the best possible solution for your business.